How to Create the Perfect Winter Capsule Wardrobe

28th November 2019

With the winter season firmly upon us, it is more than likely you will have dug your winter wardrobe out of storage already. Jumpers, coats and other warm clothing can be quite bulky and take up a lot of room so many of us put them into storage each year. However, you might find that when you come to take your winter clothes out of storage, there are items that you don’t like any more or they have gone out of fashion. But why not create the perfect winter capsule wardrobe? A collection of essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion. If you haven’t heard of this before then don’t worry! We have put together a guide on how to create the perfect winter capsule wardrobe.

Reduce the Number of Items You Have

The whole idea of a capsule wardrobe is to create a collection of clothing that is timeless and can be used every year. That means you should make sure you are only getting essential items that you will need each winter. Think of warm jumpers, thick jeans and woollen items that you are going to need every year without fail. Try and limit your capsule wardrobe to 50 or fewer pieces so that you are not storing items you won’t need in the future. Reducing the items in your capsule also means that you could also make room for a few additional seasonal items each year.

Begin with a Clear Out

One of the best places to start when creating your capsule wardrobe is to clear out any unwanted items of clothing. You should be ruthless when deciding what to throw out and what to keep and think about whether your items really are essential. What you should also think about is the items of clothing that need replacing, for example, you might need some new jeans if yours are looking worn. If you do have clothes that are looking a bit worn out, it might be worthwhile throwing these out and replacing with new items for the capsule.

Essential Items

If you have cleared out your wardrobe but don’t think you have enough winter clothing, you might be wondering what other essentials you need. There are all kinds of clothing that are suitable for the winter but we have put together a list of some of the essential items you should consider for a winter capsule wardrobe;

  • Jumpers: you should make sure that you have enough warm jumpers for the winter season that can be worn with t-shirts and other items of clothing. Aim for around 10 different jumpers, with some thinner options for when it’s not quite as cold.
  • Coats: make sure that you have some different options when it comes to coats and jackets so that you can stay dry and warm. Think about having some bigger coats for cold weather but also some waterproofs for wet weather.
  • Jeans: make sure that you have several pairs of thicker jeans for the winter as it can be cold. If you have to wear trousers for work, then think about getting some trousers that are made from a thicker material.
  • Boots: another essential item for the winter season is boots or more suitable footwear to make sure your feet are kept dry and warm in all elements. If you haven’t got any boots to think about a smart leather pair and a more casual pair of boots.

After working through the above, you should now have the perfect winter capsule wardrobe that will last you for years to come. When the summer finally arrives, you can then pack these items away and they will be good for another year. If you are running out of storage space in your home then why not consider self-storage as an option?

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