Got the builders in? Protect your Precious Possessions from damage.

25th April 2017

There are often times in your life when you will require some sort of work to be done on your home, whether it is the roofing, fixing a leak or a full-on extension, you will require some sort of building work. Therefore it is important that you take the correct precautions to keep your belongings safe.

When you have building work going on at your home, there are certain steps and precautions that you should take in order to keep your valuable possessions safe and sound throughout the entire building process. For example:

Keep items away from the building work

Building sites can be unpredictable, accidents can transpire. You never quite know what could happen, therefore it is essential that you keep your valuable items and belongings well away from the building work, as this way you will prevent any unnecessary damage. For instance, don’t leave your laptop lying about, as one liquid spillage or even some fallen debris or tools could cause catastrophic damage to your laptop. Therefore your safest bet is to just keep your valuables well out of harm’s way.

Use protective casing and covers

Many of your electronics are susceptible to damage. For this reason, we recommend that you keep them in protective cases; whether it’s your phone, iPad, laptop etc. If you keep them covered then should an incident occur there is a much greater chance that your belongings will remain unscathed as opposed to completely destroyed and unusable.   

Dust and dirt can easily build up with ongoing building work, therefore it might be best for you to cover up and protect certain items from the grit and dust particles that will be floating around. For example, if you are unable to relocate your TV to a different location then you could place a cloth or blanket over the top. This way it will prevent any dust and dirt from getting onto it and causing damage.

Appropriate secure storage

Secure storage is always an option, if you have somewhere you can lock away valuable items this could be an option. Thus way you could prevent any theft, as unfortunately, it can happen.

If you have a secure storage location, maybe a safe or a locked compartment then this could be ideal for small personal items, such as jewellery, electronics, confidential paperwork etc. By doing this it can potentially decrease the risk of theft of important possessions, keeping them safe and secure. So it would definitely be worth it, should you have these kinds of facilities available to you.


Keep yourself and your belongings safe by getting the correct insurance to cover you. Take out buildings insurance to provide you with care regarding your property, however, if you would also like to protect all of your valuable items inside your home, then you are able to take out contents insurance too. This will separately cover all of your possessions and ensure that should anything happen to your belongings, you’ll be protected.

Furthermore, you can also take out accidental damage cover. Many homes will be covered by home insurance and protected from the likes of burglary or floods, however, accidental damage cover will protect you from any incident regarding your prized items, whether it is a smashed TV, or dropping a valuable artefact, this protection will help keep you and your belongings safe during the building period.


You may have larger possessions that you cannot relocate to a different area of the house, or you don’t feel comfortable just placing a cover over them. If this is the case, then taking up some temporary self-storage might be an option. This way it enables you to safely and securely keep your possessions protected for whatever period of time you feel is necessary. You’ll have no worries regarding its condition and it will be well out of the way of any potential risk. If you do feel self-storage is the right way for you then feel free to contact our team here and they’ll be more than happy to help you decide on the perfect storage plan for you.

Accidents can always occur during building work, it’s one of those things you need to be prepared for. Though there are steps you can take to limit the potential risk. Above are our top recommendations for you to keep your valuable possessions safe and sound throughout the entire process.