Going Digital with Your CD and DVD Collection

7th November 2017

One thing that is sure to be cluttering up space around your home is your extensive media collection of CDs and DVDs. This is often something that we become far too attached to and once we have built a large collection it is hard to let go of something like this. There is also always that voice in the back of your head that says you might need the collection in the future, should your new technology break.

But with a wide array of options available in the current market, do you still need to keep hold of your vast media collection or is it becoming obsolete. We take a look at how you can get rid of your CDs, DVDs and even old books, in order to make more room in your home.

Streaming Services

One of the main reasons that you might want to think about getting rid of your old CDs is the rise of new technology and the wave of streaming services. Now one of the most popular ways to consume TV, music and film, streaming services offers a huge library of content without the need for storage space. Popular music streaming site Spotify is even free to use, although you do have to endure adverts, with access to thousands of songs. The app can be downloaded to your mobile and tablet, and you can even listen to music offline on the paid version of the app. Netflix is a popular choice for TV and film and offers streaming access to thousands of titles, available on smart TVs, tablets and laptops.

With the rising popularity of streaming services, it makes it much easier to finally get rid of your old CDs and DVDs. With access to the titles wherever you are, it could finally replace your collection and free up some extra space in your home.

Exclusive Content

However, a downside to streaming services is that they often come with platform exclusives that are not available to stream elsewhere. This means that if your favourite film series is exclusive to one platform and your TV series another, you could be stuck with paying for two streaming services to watch them both. It can also be the case for music too, as some artists are exclusive to a certain platform. On top of this, some titles are still not available on any streaming platforms so you might not be able to watch them at all.

One solution to this problem and still save space is to work out which titles are missing from streaming services and make sure that you keep a copy of this. A great way to save space is to use a CD folder and get rid of the cases, which can save a great deal of space.

Possible Fortunes

A reason that people hold onto to items and collectables, is that they believe they will be worth a fortune in years to come. But can your old media really be worth a fortune and is it worth keeping? Well, you might be lucky if the recent sale of VHS tapes and vinyl are anything to go by. Some of the older and more obscure VHS titles have recently sold for as much as £1500 so there could be hope for your old media yet!

If you still don’t want to get rid of your old media quite yet but desperately need to make some more space in your home, then self storage can be the perfect solution while you decide what you want to do with your collection. Make Space provide a range of storage options to suit your needs so make sure you get in touch