Eco-Friendly Organising Tips for Storing Sustainably

26th November 2021

People are always looking for more ways to make sure they are living sustainably and choosing eco-friendly options where possible. Carpooling, buying second-hand clothes and going paperless are just a few ways of being environmentally friendly but we should all try and be conscious in making the right decisions both outside and inside of the home. There are plenty of ways you can look at eco-friendly organising and we have put together some tips for storing sustainably in your home with our easy to follow guide.

Reuse Jars for Storage

Instead of buying new storage containers for the kitchen, why not think about reusing the old glass jars you have from jams and sauces. Although these are not always very large, they can still be used to organise cutlery, knives and other cooking utensils. You can even use jars to keep food in the fridge instead of having to throw it away. Recycling is great but where possible look to use jars rather than buying new products.

Use Old Clothing as Rags

If you use cloths and rags for cleaning or decorating around the house then why not think about using old clothes rather than throwing them out. Charity shops will often only take clothing donations if your items are in great condition so clothing with holes or damage isn’t acceptable. Rather than throwing this out, why not use an old t shirt as a rag for cleaning the car or wiping brushes after painting. This will also save you having to spend money on new cloths and products or using things like kitchen roll to clean up after yourself.

Store Plastic Carrier Bags at the Door

It is always a pain when you leave home without your bag for life and you end up having to buy more bags at the supermarket. Storing all of your reusable shopping bags by the door can be a way of making sure that you don’t forget them before leaving. If you don’t have much room near your front door try and store them in a memorable place. You could also keep a set of bags in the boot of your car to make sure you always have bags in case you need to go shopping while out. Just make sure that you remember to return them to the boot once you have finished unpacking your shopping!

Look for Wooden Crates When Out

Greengrocers, supermarkets and all kinds of stores can often receive deliveries in wooden crates, but these often get broken down and sent for recycling or thrown away. If you ask around in stores about whether or not they get deliveries in wooden crates, you could manage to get yourself some great storage boxes for free. Many stores are happy to give these away as they would only be thrown or recycled anyway. Plenty of stores will also get deliveries in cardboard boxes too so if you need some boxes for storing items in the loft or moving then think about getting your boxes from stores.

Always Think About Reusing

Make sure that you get into the habit of always thinking about reusing so that you are being as eco friendly as possible. If you are ordering take out then make sure you wash and reuse the plastic food containers. These are perfect for leftovers or storing all kinds of food in the fridge or freezer. At birthdays or Christmas, if paper or gift bags are salvageable then think about reusing what you can and having a place in your home to store it. If you get deliveries in large cardboard boxes then think about what you could use it to store. Old shoe boxes can make the perfect storage boxes for stationary or kids toys.

If you are in the process of moving home or are redecorating, then rather throw belongings away why not think about self-storage. We have a range of personal storage options for all kinds of needs and purposes. Our storage comes in a range of different sizes and flexible terms.