Don't Throw Out your Old Belongings, Store or Donate

12th April 2017

Many of us are guilty of hanging onto belongings that we don’t need anymore. There are all kinds of reasons why you might be hesitant to get rid of your belongings, such as lack of time to sort through them or that they hold sentimental value. In this blog, we share a few simple steps to help you tackle your clutter and know whether to donate or store your belongings.

How to Sort your Belongings

It is important that you go through your belongings and decide what kind of use they have and whether you actually need them anymore. A helpful way of doing this is sorting your belongings into groups of items for storage, donation and throwing out. It is inevitable that you will have some clutter in your home that isn’t suitable for donating and you don’t need anymore. But with all of your other belongings, you should determine whether or not you will use them again and if they are suitable for donation.

Putting your Belongings into Categories

But how do you decide what to store and what to donate? Deciding which pile to put your items into can be difficult, particularly if they have memories attached to them. One thing that you should consider when sorting through your belongings is the last time that you used it. This can make it easier to realise that you don’t need it anymore and put it into the right pile. Some more tips about what you should put into each pile include;

  • Donate – you should think about what items could still be useful to someone else and whether they are still in good working order. This includes things like appliances, clothes or even media such as DVDs or books.
  • Storage – items that should go into storage include things that have sentimental value and you don’t want to part with. You can also put items into storage that you will use in the future but don’t have a use for now.

What if I can’t donate?

If you have items that you can’t donate to charity then there are some alternatives. Some charities won’t accept certain items if they don’t have the capacity to take them or it’s not the sort of thing that they sell, but you still don’t have to throw them away. Some ways that you can get rid of your belongings include things such as boot sales or selling them online. You also might want to consider donating a lot of your media such as old CDs and DVDs, with advances in technology making this easier. Many of us are now using services like Spotify and Netflix for streaming, but you can even go one step further. This guide shows you the best way to convert your collection.

If you still have a lot of items that you don’t want to get rid of then self storage can be the ideal solution. Whether you are looking to store these items for a longer period or you only need short term storage space, Make Space can provide the perfect solution. Get a quote with us today to find out about the wide range of storage options available.