Cardboard Craft Ideas for all ages

18th July 2019

Here at MakeSpace try and make the most of our materials, including cardboard boxes. Anyone who has moved or is moving items in and out of storage knows the surplus of cardboard boxes you'll find around your home. Cardboard boxes can be continually reused for storage or shipping things, but they can also be used for fun purposes!

In this post, we have put together a list of 10 ways you can creatively recycle your cardboard. These quick, easy and creative projects can be done by yourself, with children or as part of a team activity at work. It is a fun way to spend quality time with your family, friends or co-workers.

1. Letter garland. Get some cardboard and spell out in pen the word you wish to feature on the garland. Next tape a cord/rope on the back of the letters to string them together. You can decorate the letters as you please, such as sticking sequins on to it, dried flowers, or old fabric.

2. Geometric Cardboard Lamp. This may take some time, but the end result will be worth it. Just get an extractor knife and cut out some shapes on cardboard of varying sizes that come together to create a 3-dimensional structure. Make sure to leave a space for a light fixture inside. Alternatively, you could put in a LED tealight for a smaller project.

3. Chandelier. This is a very simple, innovative and cost-effective piece of decoration to make. Chandeliers can be expensive but all you need for this task is a pair of scissors (or an extractor knife), cardboard, glue and a pencil. Plan out the shape you want your chandelier to be, then cut out many pieces of cardboard that you can layer to get a gradual morphing of shape.

4. Toilet roll creatures. The possibilities of creation are endless here. You could make animals with your children or make caricatures of your colleagues at work.

5. Cereal Box Aquarium. This is an educational creative project that would be great fun to make- with or without kids. Various fish and other sea creature can be drawn out or 3 dimensionally modelled and housed inside your crafty cardboard Aquarium. You could use any box for this.

6. Hamster Castle. You can make a miniature castle for your furry friend to play in. Reptiles, cats or dogs could also reside inside the pet castle, though you will have to customise the structure according to its intended habitat.

7. Cardboard playhouse. If you have young children this project will suit you well. The complexity of the playhouse depends on your wants, needs and ability. It could be as simple as a large box with a rectangle cut out for the door or as complex as a two-story castle with layered cardboard beams as supports. The children can play inside, draw on the walls of the cardboard and more. If you want to make it extra-special, you can install battery powered fairy lights inside for brightness.

8. Cardboard photo frames. This a very simple project, you just have to cut out cardboard frames and then you may decorate it according to your personal preferences.

9. Wrapping Paper Roll Swords. Ever wondered what you could do with wrapping paper rolls? Wonder no more! All you need is a wrapping roll, a toilet roll and some creativity to create this sword. You can challenge your family and friends to spontaneous sword fights with your home-made sword!

10. Cardboard Marble Maze. This DIY project promises hours of fun and is suitable for both children and adults. You can customise the complexity of the obstacles and the structure depending on how much of a challenge you want! It can be as simple as a cardboard lid with various small obstacles taped inside or a multi-layered labyrinth with a cardboard minotaur!