Student Party Theme Ideas For The Summer

20th July 2021

Over the past 18 months, restrictions have prevented any kind of student parties from taking place. Now that Summer 2021 is here, young people can finally start thinking about parties again. After so long, gatherings with friends might be a bit awkward as you get back into the swing of socialising. Themes are a great way to lighten the mood and get everyone talking, and you might be in need of some inspiration! We have compiled a list of student party theme ideas for the summer.

Pyjama Party

This is a really simple but fun costume and theme idea for your summer parties. Over the duration of the pandemic, everyone has become accustomed to wearing their pjs anyway! No one needs to buy a costume and everyone is completely comfortable throughout the evening. Plus the decor can be super simple - lots of blankets and pillows!

Anything but clothes

Also known as ABC parties, guests are encouraged to use their creativity and cover themselves in anything but items of clothing! Whether this is bin bags, pillow cases or cardboard boxes, you’re bound to have a laugh at what some of your friends come up with. The later you set the theme, the more of a challenge your guests will have on their hands. If this is the only costume theme that your budget allows, check out our blog for advice on how to manage your student finances.

Letter party

Letting your guests choose what they dress up as, high or low effort, is easy with a letter party. Choose a letter and tell your guests their costume ideas must begin with this letter - B if you’re feeling nice, X if you’re not! - and see what everyone comes up with. You can run competitions for the best, worst and most realistic costumes, or just sit back and enjoy the summer weather.

Tropical Island

An island getaway theme is a really fun way to get everyone into the holiday spirit. Costumes can be as high or low effort as you want, from Hawaiian shirts to flower garlands. Decorating your house or garden can be really fun with this theme, as can planning tropical cocktails to serve your guests. Make sure you’ve got the tiny umbrellas - or even a piñata for your guests to have a go at!


Carnival or circus themes can be great if you’re willing to put in the effort to make them great! There are a wealth of different costume ideas, so you’re bound to have more than clowns at your summer party. Circus games like ring toss or a photo booth with colourful props are easy to make yourself and will be a hit with your guests.

Ugly shirt

This is one of the easiest parties to organise - costumes are simple and you have a lot of freedom with decoration, music and drink. Why not add a little competition! As you chat, dance and enjoy yourselves, you can be voting for who has succeeded in wearing the ugliest shirt. 

Wild wild west

With this theme, you can have a lot of fun with costumes and decorations for your house or your garden. Cowboy hats and waistcoats, sheriff badges and cowboy boots, this is a proven favourite of students everywhere. You can even create some games to cool you and your friends down, like a water gun fight! 

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