Best Restaurants in Clapton

8th February 2024

Clapton lies at the heart of the food paradise in East London. The city’s creative crowd has given rise to a number of trailblazing restaurants, cafes, and pubs. With its laid-back atmosphere and intriguing mix of old and new businesses, Clapton’s food scene is by far the most exciting in East London. If you’d like to find the best places to eat in Clapton, keep reading to discover the area’s best restaurants.

1. The Star by Hackney Downs 

Situated at the edge of Hackney Downs Park, The Star has a welcoming atmosphere and a calendar packed with killer events. The pub boasts a fine selection of ales, craft beers, and cocktails. Not to mention its mouthwatering menu of pub classics and small plates. 

2. Hai Cafe 

The best Vietnamese in town is hiding in plain sight at Lower Clapton Road. This family-run Vietnamese place is walk-in only, meaning you must quickly grab a spot for its flavourful selection of warm curries. Or you can even munch on a submarine-sized Bánh mì - a crunchy baguette filled with spicy pork or lemongrass chicken on a bed of black sesame spread.

Rice with stir-fried pork and basil, topped with an egg.

3. Krapow 

When a street food stall has upgraded to a permanent location, you know it's bound to be good. This is the story of KraPow, a Thai food stall renowned for its green curry. The fiery flavours of Northern Thailand are best showcased in its signature dish, KraPow Moo - a stir-fry dish made of chilli, basil, minced pork, and rice, and topped with a crispy egg.  

4. Leo’s 

Leo’s on Chatsworth Road is the ultimate Italian dream. The bar area is furnished with vintage adverts and hanging newspapers with an espresso machine that hisses all day long. But, if you’re seated in the skylit dining area in the back, you can watch the porchetta crackle over a wood-fired oven in the open kitchen. 

 classic vegetarian pasta dish with cherry tomatoes and radicchio.

5. Uchi

Uchi’s delectable Japanese is a dark horse on Clapton’s best restaurants list. From the soothing atmosphere to the dainty tableware, everything feels tranquil and relaxing here. The menu, likewise, is kept simple with a selection of sushi and hot dishes such as karaage and tempura. 

6. The Square

The Square serves Mediterranean and European dishes with a creative flair. The breakfast menu has delectable egg dishes, granola, full English, and veggie equivalents. For lunch, you can enjoy a healthy selection of burrata, falafels, and salads, before switching to meat and wine for dinner. 

7. Dom’s Place

Bursting with the flavours of Turkey, Dom’s serves the best wraps, mixed grills, and kebabs. The salads and chips are seasoned to perfection, and the meats are charred like a pro. It’s a laidback place with warm, welcoming flavours.

Jamaican jerk chicken drumsticks served with lime wedges.

8. Yard Sale Pizza

If you’re a pizza fan, you will have already heard of the Yard Sale venues across London. Despite being a chain, the flavours are iconic all thanks to slow-cooked tomato sauce topped with eclectic toppings such as Sicilian sausage, guindilla chillies, garlic oil, and fior di latte Mozzarella. 

9. People’s Choice

This Caribbean place off Chatsworth Road boasts of smoky and charred jerk chicken. The smoky BBQ drum sits proudly outside the yellow shop. The streets are often packed with regulars trying to grab its stellar goat curry. But, you can even pack some patties and head to Millsfield Park to enjoy your meal quietly. 

10. My Neighbours the Dumplings

This family-run Chinese pop-up has been a hit with locals ever since its first pork and coriander pot stickers. This funky restaurant offers a compact menu and even hosts events like dumpling workshops and Mahjong nights. The place has turned so popular that they’ve had to say yes to providing takeaway services too!

A collection of sushi on a ceramic plate.

With a diverse selection of cuisines and restaurants serving top-notch dishes, the Clapton food scene is one to watch in East London. If you’re considering moving to Clapton, our self-storage facility in Clapton is invaluable. With 24-hour security, you can rest assured your belongings are in safe hands at all times. Transferring your items before your move will help you stay organised, allowing you to unpack at your own pace. Get a free quote today.