Annual Staff Party Ideas

17th December 2019

Does your annual staff party need a spruce up this year? From fancy dress to catering ideas, we have some great ideas to make your annual staff party an unforgettable one.

Dress Like a Decade

Combine the fun of costume parties with the appeal of nostalgia with a fun decade theme party. Decade parties are on the rise and are great fun for anyone who’s up for a good time. Simply pick a decade whether it be the 60s, 70s, 80s or whatever you wish. The idea is that guests should dress up in fashions from the chosen era. Decorate your party space with relevant decorations, whilst playing period-appropriate music to set the scene. For example, if your chosen decade was the 80s, it would be great to wear bright neon colours and the infamous big hair.


You can’t go wrong with a photo booth at a party, as anyone can get involved. However, they can get pricey if you look to hire, so why not make your own? Create a backdrop for your photos, whether it be plain white or a chosen image. Hang butcher paper from a pipe frame or purchase your own. If you want to be a little more adventurous with your photos, use a green screen so that you can superimpose any background once the photo is taken. It is also a great idea to get some fun props to encourage your guests to pose. You can get these from your local party store or online. For the best quality photos, it may be worth considering hiring a photographer for the night of your party, or if not have guests take photos on their phones.


Catering is an important part of any party or gets together. You need to establish whether you will be having a sit-down meal or just canapes and nibbles so that you have a rough idea of what to buy. Ensure to get a range of food which is guaranteed to suit everyone’s preference, whilst bearing in mind any dietary requirements or allergies. If your party is themed, try to reflect the theme into the food. For example, if you are having a Christmas party, serve traditional Christmas foods to fit with the theme.

Obscure Holiday Party

It is common for offices to celebrate Christmas through an annual Christmas party, however, there are many other holidays that you can celebrate throughout the rest of the year, to make your days at work a little more exciting. Here are just a few examples of some fun days to celebrate at the office:

  • Employee Appreciation Day (first Friday of March)
  • Unicorn day (April 9th)
  • Bike to work day (May 20th)
  • International coffee day

Ugly Christmas Jumper

If you are looking to host an annual staff Christmas party, make it fun by scheduling an ugly holiday sweater day. It is a competition of who can wear the ugliest Christmas jumper possible, with the winner getting special recognition or even a prize. Schedule it in the diary to let everyone know so that no one turns up without one!