5 Top Tips For Storing Wood

14th July 2017

Do you ever feel like there just isn’t enough room at home?  Using self-storage can provide you with the perfect answer, you are able to take those items you don’t use regularly but don’t want to throw away and you can place them in a safe space.  Though there are specific kinds of materials that you cannot just take and throw into storage without thinking about it, some materials take certain amounts of consideration and care when storing; such as wood.

Therefore, we have provided you with 5 great tips when it comes to storing wood, whilst still being able to maintain it in its tip-top condition, ready for when you next require it.

Keep it elevated

In order for you to store your wood safely and carefully, it is recommended that you keep your wooden furniture or artefacts elevated. For instance you can use wooden pallets to do so or some other kind cinderblock too. By doing this you are keeping these items out of the way and above potential damage. For instance if you are storing wood in your garage or home somewhere it also keeps your items clear of water if any is able to seep into your storage area for some reason.

Climate control

Next, a strong recommendation we have for storing wooden items is to select a climatic controlled storage location, this way you are able to preserve the wood much more effectively and successfully. For example, the temperature and humidity is something you cannot underestimate whilst storing wooden items. As when there is too much moisture in the air, then it could lead to the wood warping, panels curving out of shape and sticky drawers. However, on the other hand if the wood gets too dry, then it can result in cracks, checked finishes, even some loose component or gaps between joints. Therefore, this climate controlled environment is absolutely pivotal to storing wooden items, so we strongly recommended you take this into account.

Store with a protective sheet

Using a protective cover can assist you enormously when you are storing wooden items; enabling them to stay free of any damage whilst it is in storage. For example this can prevent the likes of dust and various pieces of debris getting up into the cracks of your desk or table; or even prevent any of the finish or becoming dulled. Instead it will help you to keep your wooden items clean, shiny and impeccable for the next time you require its use.

However, when selecting a protective cover, be sure that you are not using a plastic one, as this could potentially result in condensation within, this will then lead to the potentially beginning to swell and warp. Instead try and use some blankets and then some plastic, rather than just a plastic cover.

Disassemble your furniture

This is not something that is always possible, therefore if you are able to take your furniture apart then this can often provide you with a great advantage, as this is not only easier to cover up and store within space provided to you in a storage unit, but this also allows you to be able to fit more into the unit, therefore allowing you to be much more efficient with your space.

Polish before storing 

When wood dries out, it can lead to certain cracks and other implications, therefore in order for you to successfully prevent this from happening whilst your wooden items are in storage we recommend that you polish your furniture. This way the furniture will have some added moisture, which will go a long way in regards to preventing the wood from drying out. This is something that is very helpful and important, especially storage there is no way you can keep an extremely close eye on your items in storage; therefore you need to do what you can to ensure they are stored correctly and effectively.

Storing wood needs a lot of considerations as you need to do certain things in order to preserve the quality. Therefore with these tips we have provided, we hope that we have been able to help you, or at least open your eyes to certain factors that need to be taken under consideration.

If you are after a place where you can store your wooden furniture or items then here at MakeSpace Self Storage we have brilliant facilities to fulfil your needs and desires. Including climate controlled storage facilities for your wooded items. If you have any question our expert team will be more than happy to help you in any way they can. You can call our team at Clapton on 0208 8063155, Billericay on 01277 621099 or you can leave a message with all your details here.