5 Easy DIY Fixes for Your Home

24th July 2017

There are all kinds of problems that we have with our home from squeaky floorboards to broken fixings. These often plague us and can be a real annoyance but we are often limited by time and never get the chance to fix them. It can also come down to the lack of knowledge on how to repair the problem with the tools we have at home. But there are plenty of DIY fixes that can help you to repair things around your home easily. We offer some advice on how you can easily fix DIY issues in your home without spending a fortune. Take a look at our guide for 5 easy DIY fixes.

Unclog Bathroom Sinks

A common bathroom problem can be a clogged sink that is slow-draining because of a build-up of gunk. Not only can this mean your sink doesn’t drain properly, but it can also lead to a bad smell coming from your sink. This can, of course, be off-putting in the bathroom. Using chemical cleaners can be expensive and doesn’t actually always solve the problem, plus you can soon get another build-up. A great home DIY fix for this issue is to use a solution of baking soda and white wine vinegar. Add around ½ a cup of baking soda to your sink drain and pour ½ a cup of vinegar down after it and it will start to fizz and remove any gunk, leading to a clean sink.

Creaking Door Hinges

This can be one of the biggest annoyances in a home and it frequently drives people insane when entering a room. This can also be the case for cupboard drawers too and can really start to get on your nerves after a while. If you are a light sleeper then a squeaky door can even wake you from your sleep, which can have a knock-on effect and make you tired the next day. But this is easy to fix and all you will need is some WD-40. Spray some of this onto the hinges and you should remove any creaks. If this doesn’t work then try using some petroleum jelly.

Draughty Windows

Another problem that many people experience in their home is draughty windows letting the wind in and outside air inside. This is often caused by the seal around windows becoming cracked or worn over time through adverse weather. This is a common problem and you can expect this to happen on most windows over time. Not only can this be extremely annoying but it can also make your home colder and cost you more to keep it warm. This is easily fixed and all you will need is some caulk. All you will need to do is scrape out the old caulk seal and go over the new area with fresh caulking.

Scratched Skirting Boards

Scuffed skirting boards can often look out of place with the rest of your clean and polished home décor. But unfortunately they can often get damaged when moving furniture or from day to day wear and tear. If you have children then this might be a common occurrence around your home. But you don’t have to live with damaged skirting boards or buy expensive paint to repair the problem. You can make small repairs on all kinds of woodwork by using wood putty on the skirting board to smooth over cracks.

Scuffed Flooring

Another problem that might need fixing in your home is scuffed and damaged flooring, whether that’s on wood or vinyl. Flooring can get damaged all the time when moving furniture or even if you are wearing heels it can end up getting scuffed. Although this doesn’t affect the flooring massively, it doesn’t look great and can be annoying if you have to live with it. Luckily, though, there are some simple fixes that are fairly inexpensive and easy to fix if you have any scuffs.

For wooden flooring, you use some of the wood filler from your skirting boards or try a simple wax to buff out scratches. For any scuffed vinyl, a top tip is to rub the spot with white toothpaste and a dry cloth. Make sure to degrease after with some washing up liquid.